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The 103d Infantry Division (Cactus) "A Call to Duty" monument was dedicated on Veterans Nay, November 11, 2006. At that time, veterans of all wars, those who served with the 103d Infantry Division Cactus, those who fell in all wars; in particular the 848 Cactusmen who paid the ultimate price for our nation's freedom were honored in a wreath laying ceremony. Immediately after the dedication, the monument was donated to the city of Gainesville, not far from Camp Howze, Texas, where the 103d Infantry Division trained prior to its deployment into the European Theatre of Operations.

Since the dedication, the ceremonial wreath laying in honor of those who fell serving with the 103d Infantry Division, as well as all other veterans, is performed on Memorial Day. The decision to move the wreath laying ceremony was based on the activities of the Gainesville Veterans of Foreign Wars scheduled events for Veterans Day each year, which also includes honoring those who died serving with the 103d Infantry Division.

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