The following links provide information about the 103d Infantry Division (Cactus), World War II, Military History, and the103d Infantry Division's liberation of Jewish prisoners from German Concentration Camps.


➤ Center for Military History


➤ United States Holocaust Memorial Museum


➤ Mueller, Ralph, et al. Report After Action: The Story of the 103d Infantry Division. Nashville: Battery Press, 1981. (D 769.3 103d .M8 1981)


➤ William East and William F. Gleason. The 409th Infantry in World War II.


➤ VI Corps Combat Engineers of WWII

The best collection of World War II posters is available at the VI Corps Combat Engineers site. Look under the MEDIA heading and then select POSTERS. Enjoy!


➤ Camp Claiborne Website


➤ Library of Congress - Veteran's History Project


Stand Where They Fought

As far as World War II history, Juerg Herzig words it best on his website: standwheretheyfought.jimdo.com. Juerg's insatiable interest in World War II and its hard fought battles on both sides of the war, initially led him to research the D-Day landings and subsequent operations. At that time, many of the veterans involved in the European Theatre of Operations were still living. Today, however, it is sad to note that a great percentage of these veterans have passed away and many more are dying each day. Juerg feels pressured to gather as many stories as possible before the sources of information become unavailable. Recently, Juerg contacted the 103d Infantry Division Association in an effort to locate two veterans who fought at Selestat. Unfortunately, one passed away a few years back, and the other died weeks before the inquiry. Compared to the Battle of the Bulge, Selestat was not a big battle. But for the men who fought there, on both sides, it was hell on earth. They experienced point blank tank fire against positions and intense fighting. Juerg Herzig has assembled a fascinating piece of history on the Battle for Selestat. This is his link to his latest work. Please provide any feedback through his guest book entry, as Juerg would deeply appreciate comments.


➤ Military Vehicle Preservation Association

As time passes, fewer World War II vehicles and equipment are available. The main focus of the 103d Infantry Division Association of WWII is the preservation of history, including first-hand accounts of soldiers, photos, Unit Morning Reports, Operations Narratives, Unit Journals, and other important combat operations data. There is another organization, the Military Vehicle Preservation Association, dedicated to acquisition and restoration of vehicles and equipment.  This organization is dedicated to providing an international organization for military vehicle enthusiasts, historians, preservationists, and collectors interested in the acquisition, restoration, preservation, safe operation, and public education of historic military transport. Click on this link to visit their website for more information about their organization, upcoming events, and display: http://www.mvpa.org.

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