103d Infantry Division History: Album of Remembrance

The following men served with the 103d Infantry Division (Cactus) and these are there stories.

Click on the individuals last name to view their stories.

Volume 1


Allen, James; 103d Signal

Anania, John; 103d Signal

Anderson, Roger; Co F 409th

Bailey, Robert; Co L 411th

Baldridge, James; Co B 410th

Ball, Richard; Btry B 382d

Bastia, Aubrey; Med 3d Bn 409th

Beblavi, Carl; Co E 410th

Beck, Bernie; 103d Signal

Benz, Don; 103d Signal

Blaskiewicz, John; Co E 410th

Bloom, Murray; Co I 410th

Breiner, Richard; Med 383d FA Bn

Bridges, William; Co L 411th

Briggs, Robert; Co L 410th

Brill, Donald; HQ 103d & 94th

Brock, Harold; Co I 410th

Brooks, Jr., Amsbry; Co E 409th

Brown, Hallet; Co D 410th

Burnett, Lawrence; 1st & 3d Bn 410th

Calhoun, John; Med 410th

Cason, George; Co F 409th

Cefkin, J.; Co E 409th

Cerretani, James; Hq 3d Bn 409th

Cheval, Emile; AT 410th

Condreva, Edward; Co G 411th


Volume 2


Cook Sr., Carrol; Co I 410th

Cooper, Robert; Co M 411th

Cox, Jessie; Co I 410th

Crain, Glen; Med Det 411th

Cunnally Jr., James; Co G 411th

Currin, Arthur; Co E 410th

Dargols, Simon; Co A Recon Troop 411th

Dell, David; Co H 410th

Diana, Leonard; Co A 410th

Donlan, John; 103d Signal

Dorsey, John; Co K 411th

Dukes, Francis; Co A 410th

Duncan, Walter; 103d Recon

Dyson, Joe; Hq Co 3d Bn 409th

Easton, James; 103d Surgeon Office

Elliott, Darrell; Co I 410th

Elsner, Robert; Hq, I & R, 409th

Enterline, Robert; Co C 411th

Enzor, Jim; Co B 409th

Evans, Pierce; 103d Signal

Ewing, Amos; Co I 411th


Volume 3


Fernandez, Pancho; Co I 411th

Fitzpatrick, Charles; Co H 410th

Foose, Kenneth; Co C 409th

Fuhr; Co G 411th

Fulton, C.; Co K 411th

Gates, Gene; Co C 411th

Giles, Jr., H.; Co G 411th

Gooris, Hank; 103d MP Platoon

Greider, Roger; Co A 411th

Gruzin, Edward; Liberated by 411th from

           Kaufering CC Camp

Hahn, Robert; HQ Co 410th

Halsey, Gene; Co C 410th

Henson, Paul; 103d Signal

Herdeck, Donald; Co L 411th

Herring, Howard; Co C 410th

Hoff, Bob; Co I 410th

Hoffman, Paul; A Btry 928th

Hollopeter, Blaine; Co I 411th

Holsopple, Herman; Co C 411th

Houston, Robert; HQ, 103d Infantry Div

Hughes, R.; HQ I & R 409th

Volume 4


Jackson, Orville; Co B 409th

Jacobs, Harry; Co L 409th

Jones, John; Co G 410th

Kelley, William; HQ 409th

Kent, Alfred; Co G 411th

King, Erwin; Co C 410th

Klages, Henry; Co A 410th

Kleffman, William; HQ Chaplain 410th

Kobes, Gerald; Co I 411th

Kopenhofer, Joe; Co C 411th

Krenek, Lawrence; Co K 411th

Krul, William; Co A 409th

Krzyzaniak, John; Co I 411th

Lambert, Edgar; Co A 409th

Landau Jr., Calvin A.; Co I 411th

Laura, Vincent; Med Det 411th

Lerner, Julian; Co A 410th

Leslie, Robert; Co G 409th

Link, Herman; Co E 410th

Lipoglav, Louis; Co H 411th

Luksich, Frank; Co D 411th

Lundberg, Gerald; 803d Ordnance

Maritt, James; Co B 328th Med Bn

Martin, Lucas; HQ 409th

McBurney, John; Co E 411th

McGhee, Edwin; Co B 409th

Melas, Nicholas; HQ, I & R, 411th


Volume 5


Menuey, Raymond; HQ Co 409th

Metzer, Merlin; HQ Co 411th

Miller, Thomas; Co F 409th

Milwaukee, C.; Btry C, 384th FA

Modrzejewski, Walter; Co F 411th

Moody, William; 103d Recon

Morado, Mike; Co K 410th

Morgan, Herbert; Co D 409th

Morgan, Wallace; HQ 103d & 28th ID

Morick, Tom; Co C 410th

Mulligan, James; Co L 410th

Mundhenk, Edward; Co C 410th

Muto, Peter; Btry B, 382d FA

Nash, Pat; Co L 411th

Neely, John; Co I 410th

Newsom, Lloyd; HQ Co 409th

Nixon, Harry; Co B 409th

Nolan Robert HQ Co 409th

O'Rourke, Dennis; HQ Co 409th

Pacha, Harold; Co G 411th

Palacios, Fernando; Co G 409th

Pallas, Fred; AT 409th

Passmore Sr., Jerry; Co I 411th

Petric, John; Svc Co 411th

Pick, Howard; Co B 409th

Pugh, Robert; Co B 409th

Pulsifer, Robert; Co A 411th


Volume 6


Quinn, Robert; Co I 410th

Rathgeber, Robert; Co G 411th

Rice, Walter; Co I 409th

Richardson, Harley; Co L 409th

Rickert, John; HQ Co 409th

Rifenberg, Churchill; AT 410th

Riggs, Torrence; Co L 411th

Rogers, Cranston; Co G 409th

Romano, Frank; Co C 410th

Ryan, Arthur; Svc Co 410th

Schatz, Hy; HQ Co 409th

Schneller, LeRoy; HQ Co 409th

Schnitz, Joel; Co C 409th

Scott, T.; HQ Co 409th

Sharp, Ralph; HQ 103d Inf Div

Sink, George; Co K 411th

Sproesser, William; Co L 411th

Starnes, Oscar;  Co A 409th

Swanson, Carl; Co L 410th

Thrower, Vern; Co I 409th

Toohig, Michael; Co B 411th


Volume 7


Verges, James; Co B 410th

Vokal, Casimer; Co I 411th

Waldeck, Frank; Co C 411th

Walters, Sr., A. “Bear”; Co I 410th

Walters, John; Co B 410th

Wear, Robert; Co A 411th

West, James; H & S Engineers

White, James E.; Co B 409th

White, James P.; Med Det 410th

Wilkins, Archie; Co G 411th

Wilson, James; HQ Btry 384th FA

Wise, Gene; Co I 410th

Woolman, Hershel; Co A 411th

Wright, B.; Co G 411th

Zaboth, Dennis; Co G 411th

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