Company I 3d Battalion, 410th Regiment

On November 7, 1944, the Command Post of the 410th Infantry was located at Charmois, Lorraine, France, which was located six miles east of Epinal. The Commanding Officer, Colonel Henry J. P. Harding, issued instructions to effect the relief of the 30th Infantry Regiment, 3d Division, as was ordered by Major General Edward H. Brooks, the Commanding General of the US VI Corps.


A motor march was conducted as ordered and elements of the 30th Infantry Regiment were relieved as expeditiously as the tactical situation would permit. At this time, the front line extended from Herbaville in the North through the Mortagne Forest, to a point near the location where highway N420 crossed the Taintrux River. The relief was completed during the night of November 11, 1944, which coincidently was exactly 26 years after the Armistice was signed ending the fighting in World War II.


Upon entry into combat, the strength of the 410th Infantry Regiment was 158 officers and 3,024 enlisted men. These are the Boys of Company I, 410th Infantry Regiment.


Click here to view a photographic roster of Company I, 3d Battalion that was comprised of as many recognizable photos as possible.


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