328th Medical Battalion

The unit crest, shown above, was approved February 24, 1926. The chevron implies a snow-covered mountain against a sky colored by the setting sun. This represents the unit allocation to Colorado, Arizona, and New Mexico when assigned as a subordinate unit of the 103d Infantry Division, headquartered in Denver Colorado.


The unit motto, printed on a scroll under the crest is the Latin phrase "MANUS SUBITIS AVIDAE", or translated to read Hands Eager For The Emergency.


The 328th Medical Battalion history includes World War II campaigns in the Rhineland, Ardennes-Alsace, and Central Europe. Later, when the unit was returned to the Army structure, the 328th Medical Battalion participated in Armed Forces Expeditions in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.


During combat operations, units were required to submit, on a monthly basis, a report of operations. These were dubbed Unit Journals and formed an integral part of the unit's history. The 328th Medical Battalion historical documents were retrieved from the National Archives Records Agency in College Park, Maryland through the efforts of many volunteers, a special thanks to David Gilbert and Zack Sigler. The following are copies of these historical accounts of the 328th Medical Battalion operations during the period from November, 1944 through May, 1945. This time frame represents the initial entry into battle of the 103d Infantry Division (Cactus) and subordinate units in November, 1944 and operations through V-E Day in May, 1945.




Unit Journal for November 1944


Unit Journal for December 1944


Unit Journal for January 1945


Unit Journal for February 1945


Unit Journal for March 1945


Unit Journal for April 1945


Unit Journal for May 1945



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